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My response to the first step in the entry contest for l'ENSAD:
"Represent yourself by all the means you judge useful, on one condition: never show your direct image."

I chose to use scanned photos from my family album, and modify them using a computer program I developed using Processing.

The result was a series of abstract images, but nevertheless appears as a 'trace' to the original photos as the original captions have been retained. The captions maintain the link between original images and those that arise, while producing an ambiguity in the relationship between the text and the image, a bit as in "L' album photographique de Christian Boltanski 1948-1956" by Christian Boltanski.

Inspired by the work of John Maeda, Colordinates intends to highlight the fact that the same computer data can be extracted from their usual context and exploited in a new situation using a computer program.

For this series, scanned photos were selected from my family album to be exploited by a process of extracting data from their RGB colors to be transformed into the spatial coordinates: X, Y, Z.

The year of shooting each of the original photos was entered into the program as a variable that determines the global depth dimension of the set of points: the images that arise from the older photos seem distant, while the latest occupy more surface, as if they were getting closer.

Unfolding in time and space, this series of images represents me, both by the original data extracted from my family album and by its computer process, the main engine of my artistic research.