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What's More With Many
© Samuel Bianchini
© Samuel Bianchini
© Samuel Bianchini

What’s More With Many is an interactive image by Samuel Bianchini, employing a picture of two people seated on bleachers one behind the other. Repeated like a wallpaper pattern, the image forms a crowd. As each motif is small and its colors are faded, it is difficult to date it, situate its context, or identify its bit players. Is it a historical document? A current event? A political meeting? A sports event?
Initially still, the crowd is animated when the cursor passes over each image: the person seated behind starts applauding, then the other gets up and gesticulates, raising one arm. Then it is the viewer’s turn to be animated. The more he moves the mouse, the more he makes the motifs react one after the other, creating a movement in the crowd that follows the movement of the mouse which produces a sort of “wave” or, depending on one’s interpretation, a “collective and orderly salute.”
While, at first, the playful discovery of the process sets in motion our movements and leads us to organize them with the aim of animating the crowd, rather quickly, these same gestures acquire substance, a meaning that implicates us. The ambivalence of the crowd’s movement, which motivates and integrates our actions, makes us wonder about the impulses that shoot through collective situations, which are not always easy to resist. But the more the situation is played, or represented, the more our role in it is central and strongly individualized. Here, all questioning is to be taken upon ourselves and not diluted in any kind of collective lack of responsibility.


Application development (installation version)




Programming: Emmanuel Méhois (web) and Oussama Mubarak (installation)