Collective Loops

A prototypical musical instrument for audience participation, 2015
by Ensadlab, Ircam and Orbe


Design and development of the graphical user interfaces


Collective Loops is an experimental installation featuring a collaborative version of an eight step loop sequencer, which allows up to eight participants to join in with their smartphones through a local web page and create simple melodies in real-time by means a shared environment.

Collective Loops v2
Photo: Samuel Bianchini
Collective Loops v2
Photo: Samuel Bianchini

Once connected, a participant can choose one of the available sequencer time slots through a touch interface. A second interface is then made available on the device allowing the selection of musical notes that are emitted from the smartphone when the selected time slot is activated by the steady tempo. To ease the collaboration, the choices of each participant are made visible to all through a circular floor projection that mimics the smartphone interface.

Video: Orbe


Ircam: Norbert Schnell, Jean-Philippe Lambert, Benjamin Matuszewski, Sebastien Robaszkiewicz
Orbe: Xavier Boissarie, Florent Dubois, Gregory Cieslik, Tomek Jarolim, Quentin Levigneron
EnsadLab: Samuel Bianchini, Dominique Cunin, Oussama Mubarak, Jonathan Tanant
ID Scènes: Christophe Aubry, Fabrice Auchere
NoDesign: Jean-Louis Frechin, Uroš Petrevski
ESBA TALM: Christophe Domino

This prototype was created in partnership with Ircam, Orbe, ID Scènes, NoDesign and ESBA TALM, in the framework of the CoSiMa project with the support of the French National Research Agency (ANR).