USB key artwork, 2011
by Samuel Bianchini


Software engineering


Keywords is a artwork by Samuel Bianchini designed for a USB key.
It is constituted of two separate computer programs. The first one generates and displays a "Captcha" test (a type of Turing test designed to distinguish a human from a machine input), and the second program tries to pass the test by impersonating a human being through human-like behaviors such as hesitation.

Video: Samuel Bianchini


Software Engineering: Oussama Mubarak
With the counseling of Bertrand Couasnon
Imadoc Team (IMAges and DOCuments) from the IRISA laboratory, Rennes
A work of art commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, Centre national des arts plastiques
Thanks to Rafael W. for the "Extended Levenshtein algorithm" library and Ronald B. Cemer for the "Java OCR" library