An authoring tool for the creation of educational music media
created at Cité de la Musique - Philharmonie de Paris


  • Technical direction
  • Software engineering


Primarily designed for teachers and other professionals working in music education, metaScore is a web-based authoring and publication tool for interactive educational music media in which textual and graphical elements are synchronized with the listening of an audio or video piece.


metaScore is developed by Cité de la musique - Philharmonie de Paris with the support of the French Ministry of National Education and Youth.

Education and Resources Department, Cité de la musique - Philharmonie de Paris:

  • Marie-Hélène Serra, director
  • Rodolphe Bailly, deputy director of Resources Center
  • Anne-Florence Borneuf, musicologist, responsible for digital educational tools
  • Floriane Goubault, musicologist, responsible for digital education

With the collaboration of:

  • Jean Delahousse, project manager
  • Oussama Mubarak, web and tool technical direction
  • Roman Cieslik, front-end web development
  • Lucas Zanotto, shared library characters & animations
  • Marianne Tricot, shared library instruments
  • Jérémie Cohen, web UX design
  • Alexandra Simon, web UI Design
  • Vadim Bertrand, tool UX design
  • Sigrid Carré-Lecoindre, design and realization of musical applications
  • Mikael Cixous, graphical interface design of musical applications
  • Olivier Gaulon, editorial
  • Julien Jugand, trainings, writing of the user manual and FAQ
  • Jean Benjamin, copyright protection
  • Lipsie, translation
  • Arekipa, teaser video

Special thanks to:

  • The teams of the Philharmonie de Paris who took part in this project (Resource Centre, Financial Affairs Department, General Secretariat, Communication)
  • The Éduthèque team and the General Music Inspectorate of the Ministry of National Education and Youth
  • All teachers who participated in the development of metaScore
  • Olivier Koechlin, designer and developer of metaScore from 2005 to 2015